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Balto 2 WQ Summary      
                     * Spoilers included for those who haven't seen the movie*
Balto 2 unlike Balto 1 is not based in a true story, this story is entirely fictional Balto had pups with Jenna, all puppies were huskies looking except for one which happened to look like her father (Balto). The adoption day comes all puppies are adopted except for Aleu the wolf looking one, aleu  grows up unaware of her heritage, one day while playing with Muk and Luk a hunter trys to kill her Balto luckily came to the rescue, but because of that incident  he was forced to tell Aleu about her real heritage, When aleu finds out about her heritage she runs away (not even knowing were to go) Balto decides to go after her but because this is a father and doughter journey only Balto and Aleu will go in the journey to find out who Aleu really is and find her destiny.

___________Main Characters
is Balto's daughter who was the only puppy in the litter to look like a wolf for that reason nobody adopted her, Aleu grew up unaware of her heritage until one day a hunter tried to kill her and Balto saved her, so Balto was forced to to tell Aleu about her heritage, Aleu ran away to find out who she is Balto followed her. In this father and dougther journey to find out who aleu is and her desteny..
Balto is Aleu's father, and nobody in Nome know better then him how it feels to be different, which is why he never wanted to tell Aleu about her heritage and why no human wanted her , when Balto found out that Aleu had ran away he told Jenna but did not let her follow him to find Aleu since it was "he's" falt Aleu had ran away.   Balto goes after Aleu helping her find out who she is and her destiny.
___________Other Characters
Jenna is Aleu's mother she won't be seen much in this movie, she doesn't go in the "journey" since she is all Husky and it's a journey for father and doughter, but her role of caring and loving mom seems different from her Feminine but Rebel personality in the first movie.
Muk and Luk have still not grown up, but they have the part of finding Balto, while tryng to communicate with a toad, their personalyties have changed a bit at least in the first movie they didn't act like complete morons.
Niju is the Bad guy of this movie who isn't really bad just afraid of change which is the reason he will reafuse to leave his land and follow caribu and want to be the pack's new leader since Nava is getting to old for it he always pushes around he's three wolfs Nuk Sumak and Yak, Niju can be easily compared to Steele, as a wolf version of Steele that is.
Muru is Aleu's spiritual guide who will make Aleu go to find out who she is, singing her hippie songs...............
Nava is the Leader of the wolf pack before aleu takes over, he will be wise and help aleu understand about the wolf pack bussines by also singing her hippie songs.
The fox, name unknown, she helps Balto find Aleu by pushing him off the log to the waterfall.
Boris is the first one to notice about Aleu's heritage and Balto's weird dreams' meanings he will be Aleu's nanny, and also the one who makes Jenna know about the Father and dougther journey, too bad he looses he's real Russian accent.


Balto is copyrighted to universal studios and amblin entertainmet,  I don't take any copyright for the Balto charactersand such. 
I am just an obssessed fan.    

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