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         Balto 3 WOQ summary

         *Spoilers for thos who haven't seen the movie*

Balto 3 WoC is also fictional not based on a true story.Kodi (Balto's son) is a new sled dog, he knows that delivering the mail late is not good too bad the other dogs didn't think so, but they didn't really care since they thought they wouldn't get replaced so the mail would always be late, wrong. When Duke arrives to Nome people think it would be best to have him deliver the mail since the dogs were always late, but he wasn't the only one arriving to Nome,  Stella is a goose just like Boris and they met. Balto loves Dukes plane, when walking in an alley the dogs ask him to join a race against the plane the winner get's to deliver the mail Balto accepts to join the race, in the way back duke get's lost with boris with him the dogs win the race and after a while the plane hadn't arrived Balto goes to find it, with help of Muk,Luk and Stella.

Balto is Kodi's dad he is facinated with Duke's ariplane, one day he is asked to join Kodi and the mail sled dog team to join a race against Duke's airplane he agrees, in the way back the plae get's lost and after listening to what Muk and Luk heard and saw it's up to him to find Duke.
Kodi is Balto's son he is a new mail dog, the dogs allway deliver the mail late so one day when Duke arrives in his plane humans want to raplace the mail dogs with duke's airplane so they make a race, the dog's win the race but after a while the plane had still not arrived when Balto asked Balto and the dogs to help him find Duke they all say no, after Balto goes look for the airplane Kodi tell Jenna about it Jenna conviences Kodi that he should go with Balto so Kodi looks for Balto luckly he finds him before it's to late..
Stella is the new goose character wich falls in love with Boris (and so does boris) when the airplane get's lost Balto needed help to find it and because Boris was inside it Stella went with Balto looking for it by flying she helped find the airplane.
Other Characters
Putfile.com - Dedicated Server Upload VideoMell and dipsy are both "mail dogs" even if they aren't in the sled they are still mail dogs, Dipsy is a big eater while Mell is a paranoic.  It's mell who tells the dogs that humans are trying to replace them withthe plane, and both make the "dog call".
Muk and Luk allways playfull, still haven't grown up thanks for that they were just in the part were the plane crashed luckly they told Balto in time.
Jenna is Balto's "wife" she is Kodi's mother who will help Balto make better hs relationship with Kodi and advice Kodi about what to do when he didn't go with Balto.
Putfile.com - Dedicated Server Upload VideoRalph, Dusty and Kirby are the new trio also the mail team who will help Kodi find Balto.


Balto is copyrighted to universal studios and amblin entertainmet,  I don't take any copyright for the Balto charactersand such. 
I am just an obssessed fan.    

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