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Ok so to begin this is a mostly like a review, but not quite  like one because here I will talk about my opinion and how much the people seemed to like it.
This is movie is really touching and special in my opinion,  this movie was just great!  too bad it came out at the same when toy story came out so it made it harder for Balto to get more audience specially after saying in the toy story comertial about the never before seen material so I guess that made people more exited to see toy story than Balto,  anyways I first saw balto after 3 years is came out,  and first wanted to buy it because Balto reminded me of my dog, so I bought the movie and didn't get too obsessed over it for  3 more years until I watched it again and found more meaning to it as I think most of the Balto fans have found in it.
Finally this movie we can see that it had great animation and we can hardly find a blooper the story line was something you could belive althougth if you really think about it you can see the fiction in the movie but that isn't something that will haunt your mind instantly at the moment of watching surten part of the movie,  once again about animation most backgrounds were painted by hand which made them look beatiful even the one in the white wolf scene, all backgrounds had a good desing and are kinda hard to get off your mind once you see them, something that was also very intersting was that once they out a background they didn't repeat it again and again.
Now about the music, music was simply "charming" so to speak,  there was no parts in wich the characters got up and sung(sp?) a song the only song that had someone singing was reach for the light and it was the credits song, the instruments used were relaxing but thy didn't bother you so they really much captured the moment.
Motion!  or the way the characters moved is also something good about the movie, they look like dogs even when kaltag hits star with his paw and if you think about it that really isn't possible for a dog to do! but it still looked well, again take a look at how balto runs/walks you can see some sort of a difference from wehn you see stelle or any other dog walking pluss you can tell balto is part wolf but not full wolf :D  the only thing that people could not like about this movie is that nobody died, or maybe some people like that  but then again some scenes in this movie were a bit to predictable.
The movie covers were fine, but the DVD cover might let some of you down, since we were expecting something better than just a balto with not detail on him for a movie cover, but the VHS cover was really nice it had all that a good movie cover needs, good color, good animation, a good idea about some parts of the movie, NO spoilers yet drawings that make it intresting to look at, the speciall edition DVD covers we ok in my opinion but then again they did have good colors but since I haven't seen them real life I can't really give an opinion about them :(
So far most Balto fans have said this was the best movie out of 3 movies,and have pretty much have said that they like the characters, since there really nobody you can dislike in the first movie.
Thanks for reading!!
~Silver Snow



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I am just an obssessed fan.    

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