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Current events, would be I just got more Balto merchindase!  and my birthday is on this July 7 and on July 4 I think I'll get to see many fireworks, I am on Vacation,  The Balto 4 project is closer to being finished, and on the news (here)  the article today would be, Artists had it with theft This is obviously becoming a huge problem by the day, there have been found stolen drawings that had been altered into trash and used for profiles--Roleplaying and even as own in other sites this has made many artists very angry rather than upset,  a couple of days ago there was a topic made by a member on Balto Source talking about her thoughts on art theft here is the link.



6-27-06 UPDATES!!!! Sorry for my long absence I had been incredibly(sp? busy Well now I am back, so the new thing are that I fixed some bugs now I got my own images! I don't have to borrow I need to continue making the characters pages as you can notice I still need to finish up but that's exactly what I am going to work on until then enjoy the new poll and items, It'll look so much better muahahaha, <3 __________________3-14-06 Yay Finally more updates but sadly not the best ones, anyways as you may notice I added a song to the main page, and I Finally added SCREEN SHOTS!! so far for only Balto 1 and 2, I am curretly working on B3 screen shots and will be adding some video clips, but watch out because I don't want anybody to use them for their videos and stuff without asking me, so I will consider that anyways as you may see the urgent news, No more Balto....... I added some more sites to my links page and chaged the poll. 3-8-06 Here are the most updates lately: I made movie disscussion(for the 3 movies) which is like a basically a review but not quite, I will be adding screen shots for the 3 movies and some sound clips along with movie clips, I put my finished video, and I added an aoutomatic update system (I was getting tired of writing them out) A new site called Balto's secret ice cave is now on the list!! talking about links I checked what pages were avaliable and updates them, I will be busy proofreading and checking all spelling in all pages so it will take a while, but more coming soon!

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I am just an obssessed fan.    

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