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To send an image simply e-mail it to me, moreover please send images beetween 200by200 and 700by700 send JPEGs, moving pictures will NOT be acepted.
To send a screen saver  simply e-mail it to me, and please if you are going to send me a fanart picture and a screen saver please try to send them toghether in one e-mail it takes lot's of time to read e-mail,  I will only accept JPEGs and GIFs that are beetween 900by 570 and 950by640,  Moving Screen savers are not allowed,
Logos to send them to me simply e-mail them to me.

Learn to draw and/or perfectionate you drawings.
To make drawings first you need to get your own style (that is if you aren't painting a picture) you can start with a circle draw lines going up and down depensding in what direction you want your  animal to be facing (right, left) then draw a horizontal line depending were you want the animal to be facing (up or down) for now you should have something like this 0000000000000000000000000000000ttod.jpg  this  will be your animal's face on the horizontal line you put the eyes, on the vertical line you put were the mouth will start, now look at the top left part there you will place one ear and obviously on the other one you will place the other ear.
Make a line going down from the right part of the circle and another one on the other part, now you should have something like this thesecondone.jpg 
Now you have the shape! so erase the line in the inside and add detail, these are how ever you want them to be! you can also change parts of the shape but that is now up to you,
and well I came up with this ^^
and I'll go over how to
Drawing the dog's body next week!

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Balto is copyrighted to universal studios and amblin entertainmet,  I don't take any copyright for the Balto charactersand such. 
I am just an obssessed fan.    

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