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This page is copyrighted, so LOOK don't TOUCH!

These are obviealy the rules of my website so do not ignore them!
  • No pornographic pictures   consecuence degree: 10

  • No Violent pictures either'   consecuence degree: 8

  • Respect others if you have been abused in any way or form report it to me (Silver Snow)  consecuence degree: 9

  • Use an appropriate language    consecuence degree: 7

  • No spamming!            consecuence degree: 7

  • No sending illegal content nor writing illegal downloads in the guest book and/or chat box.    consecuence degree: 8

  • No using ANY of the Balto pictures,drawings,quotes,soundtracks,quotes,and such without my permission(copyright!). exept if they aren't mine and are borrowed in that case you will have to ask their creators (their copyright!)   consecuence degree: 8.7

  • NO mates       consecuence degree: 9

  • No dating       consecuence degree: 9

  • Don't give out personall data     consecuence degree: 8.1

  • Talk about balto (yes since this a Balto website)  : )


Consequences and warnings,
If you ever violate any of these rules first you will get a strong warning I will e-mail you about it, if you do it again you get banned for a week and at the third time you violate them you will be forced out of R.S & B.
Consecuense degrees
Consecuence degrees are used to measure the punishment you will get check the following chart to check degree punishment.
And remember trying to make this site a safer place to be!

Dedree chart
6- Not much, I only give you a warning not very strong but still don't ignore it.  trust me you wouldn't like me when I am angry : )
7-You get a strong warning making shure the thing you did wrong doesn't happen  again this warning will have more reminders and won't be "nice".
8-Stop! no warning now,  you get banned for 32 hours.
9 -You get both a small rules form about "last nice chance" and banned for 1 week.
10-  Depending in how much damage was made you get banned for 1 year  or permanently.

Forums Rules
  • NO pornography.
  • NO exessive violence
  • NO threatening anyone.
  • No mates
  • No idiotic games either!
  • No sending/putting up anything elligal.
  • Respect others if you are abused in any way or form report it to me! (Silver Snow)
  • No spaming
  • Treat EVERYBODY equaly.
  • NO Topics about "Hot" members; exaple: if you had to date someone who would you date?. Nothing  0.

Consecuence degrees are for this rules are the same as the upper ones.


Balto is copyrighted to universal studios and amblin entertainmet,  I don't take any copyright for the Balto charactersand such. 
I am just an obssessed fan.    

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