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    \Balto Summary/

              * Spoilers included  for those who haven't seen the movie*



Balto based on a true story about one of the most courageous dogs that have existed, Half dog half wolf he is just a mutt except for his real friends, (Muk and Luk, Boris, and Jenna) one day a diphtheria epidemic spreads through the children of Nome, and since all routes of transport are blocked because of a snow storm there is only one way to get the medicine which is a dog sled which would have to travel 900kms. Through the snow storm but in the way back the dogs get lost and it's up to Balto to find the lost dogs and bring back the medicine.

_________________________Main Characters
Balto is half dog, half husky he is rejected by everyone except Boris, Jenna, Muk & Luk and Rosie, when the diphtheria disease spread through the children of Nome including Rosie,  All the routes were blocked the only way to get the precious medicine was with a dog sled  but when the dog sled gets lost most loose hope of them being found or coming back except Balto he goes to find the medicine and is put in a "test of will" were he will find who he is.


Steele is the bad guy of this movie, really attacked to Jenna but rejected by her he is the typical guy who most ladies like at least before they find out he is a selfish liar, Steele hates Balto and was the lead dog of the dog sled team until he got lost and Balto found them, but he wouldn't go along with them.




Jenna is the pretties dog in town but don't be fooled by her appearance she is acctually rebel and also Rosie's pet, thanks to that Balto will meet Rosie, Jenna will fall in love wih Balto and save him from a bear.



Boris is a Russian goose who lives with Balto Balto even if he is a goose he thinks of himself as Balto's dad, he will take care of Baltountil the day Balto had to get the medicine by himself, Boris gives Balto the key advice to go on.
___________________Other Characters


Muk and Luk are still cubs who can't swim or at least that's what they thought before they rescued Balto from drowning.



Rosie is Jenna's owner and the only person who treats Balto good she is the one of the reasons why Balto will go to get the medicine.



Niki, Kaltag and Star  (left one being Kaltag center one being Nikki and right one being Star)  are the trio and the sled dogs who will first dislike Balto and treat him badly until he rescues them.



The white wolf we don't know who she is or even if it's a she,  all we know is that she/he helps Balto find out what he has to do and who he is  and gives him the strength to go on..


Balto is copyrighted to universal studios and amblin entertainmet,  I don't take any copyright for the Balto charactersand such. 
I am just an obssessed fan.    

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