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          .......~New~.......  Buttercupbud
Video Tittle: Copacabana                 
Song Name: Copacabanna    


Video tittle: Seasons of love
Videos Song:Seasons of love


Video Tittle:American Idiot *A Nikki,Kaltag, and Star Video*
Video Song:American idiot.


Video Tittle: At the beggining...
Video Song: At the beggining


Video tittle:The wild one
Video Song:The wild one

Video tittle:The wild one
Video Song:The wild one


Video tittle:Heaven
Video Song:Heaven


   Silver Snow                                            
               Video Tittle: The Balto Sweet Syphonys 1st Half                                                 
 Song Name: The Bitter Sweet Symhonys                         


Video Tittle: The Balto Sweet Syphonys second Half                                                  
           Song Name: The Bitter Sweet Symhonys            

Movie clips PG rated
none at moment


To send your own Balto videos simply e-mail them to me.
When Sending a file upload it in a website like put file. and send me the link of the video, along with the tittle of video and the song name.
Some places you can upload your video for free are:

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I am just an obssessed fan.    

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