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Here it is! The BIGGEST CHANGE to the site! I finally changed the way it looks, hope you like it!  Now about review I am going to write in a few hours, be patient,

Major update CHANGES to the site,
I still haven't written the reviews but I will doing that next week since I will have more time, and as you might have noticed the navigation bar background has been modified! it look better now, I also edited grammar errors in most of the pages, I made a page for old updates and as you can see this is the new way I will write updates, finally Happy Holidays!

This is not a mayor update or anything, however I did change the pic of the week and put up the Balto and Star webring code, (or whatever that is called) and I put up a page about true, Jenna I will be making more updates soon.

                      Special NEWS

Petition BAD news  : (

The petition finally got it's so desired answer but it wasn't very good, on the opposite, (Terrible news for Balto)   Glenn Ross sent a letter saying the following:

We had been entertaining the idea of producing another Balto movie, but the sad truth is that not enough people bought the last one to make it attractive to produce another. You see, in order to be able to produce a film, we have to know enough people are interested in buying it to be able to pay for the cost and marketing.

We really like the Balto character and are pleased to know that there are people like you out there that are such big fans.

My best regards,

Glenn Ross


Might seem like a lie, but it is the sad reality, NO more Balto,         

See the following page for more details...........

Balto Source Petiton End


Mayor update on the Balto page was done, I changed the way to travel from the Main Balto page to another, and while that I organized some of the contents, I know that the Real Jenna page is not there yet, I've had a busy week don't have much time to make updates, also I am thinking about a roleplay box I finally worked on the forums and they should be organized now, I changed the poll, and finally I  joined Star's webring I am still working on the Banner. oh yes I almost forgot I finished consequence degrees.



I have finally put the Balto magazine page, and changed the pic of the week changed the poll and changed the name in the navigation bar also added the happy New Year sign.



I have changed the poll and changed the pic of the week.

I wrote tips in the learn to draw section added some wall papers.

I have added a Balto curves and changes page to balto 1 section.




Great News

I have added dividers to my Balto navigation links and changed the fan art also the poll, I will be adding comment boxes to each drawing galleries.

Also if anyone here sent me a video/pictures or anything I am sorry but you will have to send it to me again at my new e-mail address fayejenna@yahoo.com.mx I also added movie covers and a very interesting page in a magazine about Balto, well enjoy I am also planning in changing the background and the way people watch videos. (program)



I am almost done with the balto bebop video, I will start making galleries instead of putting a whole lot of pictures and I will make most of my balto pictures and multimedia which will take some time. I am also working in a comment box. Since using a guest book and/or chat box for that isn't appropriate.



The biggest update are the forums they are done and ready to use, I just need to make more boards.

And  I am currently working on the on the movie clips Balto related or not because this ones aren't really balto one you will be able to send any movie clips you made but they will have to be Pg and under if Pg-13 and they don't have porn nor violence I will put them in a small section of "Pg-13" I will only accept 2 PG-13 movie clips 5 PG movie clips and 12 G movie clips,  I am making a movie clip already it's called Balto bebop





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Balto is copyrighted to universal studios and amblin entertainmet,  I don't take any copyright for the Balto charactersand such. 
I am just an obssessed fan.    

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