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Ok so to begin this is a mostly like a review, but not quite  like one because here I will talk about my opinion and how much the people seemed to like it.
This movie is very, very fictional, it has a meaning but it isn't a deep meaning like in Balto 1,  this was unfortunatley a DTV sequel,  even if the movie was far away from being as good as Balto 1 it seemed like it "revived" the Balto spirit since there wasn't much Balto websites before it got out,  so people most likely remembered Balto,  I first watched Balto 2 the very first time it was aired on T.V and it was just nothing like Balto 1, but I used to like the wolf Idea, which now isn't so intresting.
Now the animation was bad, really bad, this is obviesly a cause of the low budget, in some scenes Aleu walked it was so weird that it was funny,   they changed Balto's design and colors, I was really desapointed when I saw that,  you can also find many bloopers, and flipping weird looking wolfs with big  all chins. So if I had to rate animation I would give it  C+
Backgrounds were nice, exept there is barely any snow, this backgrounds are made by computer not painted by hand, allthought the trees and hills did look good,  but they defenetly weren't a good idea to mix with 2D objects, so this animation was a combination of 2D and 3D that did not look good at all,  once they made a background you only saw that back ground in one part of the movie and they didn't show it again, exept when Aleu stay with Nava and the pack.
In  my opinion music plain sucked, but the indian music style wasn't so bad,  but most of the fans like the music in B2,  this music had some weird instruments,  and people sang in the songs, it wasn't just instruments also some wolfs get to sing in the movie which was rather funny,  but some songs were good and had a worked melody.
The characters moved rather funny,  but they didn't have a bad design,  we don't get to see Jenna much in this movie, what we get to see about her is that her attitude has changed and so have her colors and looks, Balto's attitude and looks also changed, allthought I notticed all the characters kinda looked alike in the structure, but the desguised that with furr, wich made some of them look cuddly, or simply exagerated.
Movie Cover was very good in my opinion,  since it has colorful background including the most important characters, and had a great layout,  and the cover is the same for the VHS so there isn't much to say about that.
So far this is the movie I have like the least, but there are 50, 50 about the fan's prefferences on which sequel is better,  saddly they make some characters plain stupid and pathertic so you can easily find some to dislike in this movie.
Thanks for reading!
~Silver Snow

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