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This is like all other disscusions, just talk about the movie animation, plot, voices etc.
This movie is also fictional like Balto 2 but not at the same point that can't belive 80% of what;s going on, and wasn't so touching, seems like it was made just to be made and not because they had a good story which they wanted to base their movie about, but it wasn't touching or deep, allthought it did have more meaning than B2,  once again Balto did the right thing but once again they copied  parts from balto1 and put them in balto 3,  Balto 3 came out in 2005 but wasn't so popular allthought it did have a comertial, this was also a DTV sequel and had a low budget but at least  they didn't completely forget about about Balto.
The animation in this movie was rather "ok" but they still made characters look different, and chaged colors but once again this movie didn't have a hight budget so it couldn't have experienced animators, in some parts balto moved very weird but they seemed to do a good job with boris' animation but they still mixed 2D with 3D which wasn't a good idea thankfully we don't get too see so much of this mix, and some objects like Duke's plane looked good but still fake, here they showed some backgrounds and show them a little bit more than they wouldn't repeat them ad turned out being "ok" total animation = B
Background had a lot of trees once again and finally the snow was back on them we also get to see one background from B1 again that had a good layout and it wasn't the only background with a good layout most of the backgrounds here have a good layout specially because we are back to old home Nome again, some backgrounds were very fake I mean not looked fake but were fake like Bear rock which was a rock in form of a bear ><, but looked rather nice ,  sadly the ugly 3D water didn't chage we get to see more water again and it again looks fake.
Music sucked in my opinion,  but I just can't stand the first song with the old lady singing about trees and wind etc now that song is what you really call horrible, we get to see Jenna and Stella singing and that was really a living nightmare specially stella's rap/jazz mix with a part like madona's video of material girl it was just out I don't think even a little kid would like that,  and then at the end the fliping old lady sings again *mutes the tv*
Character attitude also chaged it seemed as if Balto was angry at Boris for no apparent reason at all,  and was rather too heroic, then Boris lost his russian accent and didn't seem like's Balto's advisor like he did in Balto 1 sadly Balto and Boris don't get to spend so much time talking about race and stuff like they did in Balto 1 since both got a "wife" not but stella is more of the girfriend type for Boris, Jenna seemed just like she did in Balto 2,  Muk and Luk were very annoying and acted  really childish, at least they told Balto about the air plain new characer such as kodi were interting, but some people will just hate some others.
The movie cover was once again the same one for the DVD and for the VHS, the animation on the Balto 3 cover was hhmmk  and showed some imprtants settings in the movie with it's original main character Balto. :D
This is the movie I like the best Balto sequel but other may think different,  here you can also find some characters to dislike for many reasons.
Thanks for reading!





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