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EEEEK!!!  you've just found my hidden tets page!!!

All this is connected to my life because at first I didn’t want to go along with my mom , despite that nothing in life ever happen without a reason, there was a lesson to be learned and even though, and even though there’s always the though of “if I had only done that it would of” ,-matters for the over of the over for the main overall, maybe it was my parents who had something to learn from this, ever since this happened things haven’t been exactly alike, what if a car would have been near…ever since that thought honestly I don’t want to know what would of happened because I know what would of happened.


3-14-06 Yay Finally more updates but sadly not the best ones, anyways as you may notice I added a song to the main page, and I Finally added SCREEN SHOTS!! so far for only Balto 1 and 2, I am curretly working on B3 screen shots and will be adding some video clips, but watch out because I don't want anybody to use them for their videos and stuff without asking me, so I will consider that anyways as you may see the urgent news, No more Balto....... I added some more sites to my links page and chaged the poll. 3-8-06 Here are the most updates lately: I made movie disscussion(for the 3 movies) which is like a basically a review but not quite, I will be adding screen shots for the 3 movies and some sound clips along with movie clips, I put my finished video, and I added an aoutomatic update system (I was getting tired of writing them out) A new site called Balto's secret ice cave is now on the list!! talking about links I checked what pages were avaliable and updates them, I will be busy proofreading and checking all spelling in all pages so it will take a while, but more coming soon!